9 June Individual Final Details Updated

Changes include additional notes or ammendments on temporary work, EOD course details, ineligible/Non-Competitive runners and jury.

1 June Start Times Published

Start times are now available here

31 May  Team declarations for the Sprint Relays

Team declarations for the British Sprint Relay Championships are now open.  Teams MUST be declared by midnight on Thursday 9 June.  Any requests for SIAC hire for BSRC MUST be made by midnight on Monday 6 June.  Standard SI cards can be requested up to the team declaration closing date.

30 May Entries are now closed for both events

28 May Final Details

Final details applicable to the whole weekend are available.  Final details for For the Sprint Relays are now available.  Final details for the Sprints will be added after entries close.

25 May Extra runners for the Ad Hoc Class in the Sprint Relays

A couple of requests have been received from people who would like a run, but cannot make up a team.

If any runners would like to make up an Ad Hoc team, but cannot manage it, please send your name, club, age class, BO number and SI/SIAC number to the email address below. I cannot guarantee to get you a run, but I will try to make up teams. Allocation to teams and legs will be as requests come in. I cannot do any matching for you except to try and get at least one female in each team. Even in the Ad Hoc class, teams must have one female to be competitive, although that does not stop 3 males running non-competitively in a team if they so wish. Currently, I do not have any requests from females. Males could also let me know if they are happy to run non-competitively.

Further details about what to do and how to pay will be sent to you when teams are made up.

If any team captains are short of an Ad Hoc runner and cannot find one, please let me know and I will put you in contact with any offer I get. Again, no attempt can be made to match suitability.

Mike Cope, organiser