British Sprint Relay Championships

Saturday 11 June 2022

Preliminary Details

Yorkshire and Humberside Orienteering Association is hosting this event.

LATEST: Competitive junior teams may be entered from geographically adjacent clubs subject to certain conditions - see below for further details.


The event will be held on the Headingley Campus at Leeds Beckett University and in Beckett Park.  Competitors will be able to use the facilities inside the Carnegie School of Sport building – toilets, café and large indoor space.  Spectating space is available inside and outside for those who have run or are waiting to run.


We are grateful to Leeds Beckett University for the use of the campus and the excellent facilities.  Particular thanks go to Sally, Maya, Phil and Mark.


All competitors must approach the campus via Church Wood Avenue (postcode LS16 5LF).  Travel to the event is easy by public transport with regular bus services from the centre of Leeds stopping 400m from the campus entrance.  Headingley train station is about a 1.5km walk away.  Cycle parking will be available.

Please share transport if you have to come in a car.  Parking will be on the University car parks near the entrance from Church Wood Avenue.

Campervans should not be brought to the site, except for small ones which take up no more than a normal car parking space.  Please use public transport from your overnight base.  Minibuses are acceptable if they carry a minimum of 6 people, but drivers must contact the organiser in advance.

Terrain and Map

 The terrain is ideal; with the added bonus of the staff at a University Sports Campus being delighted to support the event.  Buildings range from early Victorian to ultra-modern, interspersed with paved areas, parkland and woodland.  The iconic Carnegie School of Sport building with its bright orange, high-level indoor running track, provides a superb venue for assembly.  The adjacent athletics track will be used as the arena for the start, finish, spectator control and hand-over space.  Virtually car-free, fast and furious racing can be anticipated on all courses.

The original map was drawn by Chris Burden.  It has been updated by Quentin Harding and Paul Taylor.  It is drawn to ISSprOM 2019 Sprint specification with a scale of 1:4000 (elite), 1:3000 (other classes) and 2.5m contours.

Punching system

Sportident punching will be used, in standard and touch free modes.


The event will be held in the afternoon.  Provisional timings are shown.  There could be minor alterations to the timings.

1200 Car parks open

1230 Café, enquiries, bib issue and late team changes open

1400 Elite start

1500 Junior (12-) start

1510 SuperVets and UltraVets start

1520 Vets, Junior(16-) and Ad Hoc start

1630 Prizegiving

           1700 British Orienteering AGM

Trophy, Medals, Rules and Eligibility

The British Sprint Relay Championship Trophy will be presented to the winners of the Elite class relay team.  British Championship medals will be awarded to the first, second and third placed competitors in all classes (apart from the Ad Hoc Class).  Mementos will be given to first, second and third placed competitors in all classes.

The competition rules can be found at

The Championships are open to members of the British Orienteering Federation and to members of overseas IOF affiliated Federations.

To be eligible to be British Sprint Relay Champions (all classes except for Ad Hoc), all members of a team must meet the club representation eligibility requirements in the British Orienteering Rules of Orienteering and the individual eligibility requirements.

To be eligible to be a British Champion, an individual competitor must on the day immediately preceding the day of competition in question be a member of British Orienteering and either be a British citizen or have been a member of British Orienteering in each of the three membership years preceding the year of the competition.  For Juniors who are not British citizens, the membership criteria are as in British Sprint Championships rules.

To be eligible for British Sprint Relay Championship medals and mementos, all the members of a relay team must be eligible under the criteria specified above and the team must be representing a club which, on the day immediately before the day of competition in question, is affiliated to British Orienteering

In the elite class the UK Relay League Neighbouring Clubs Alliance may apply - Geographically adjacent clubs are permitted to form combined teams (“Alliances”). Two clubs that wish to form such an alliance must satisfy the following criteria: The two combining clubs must be geographically adjacent. Neither club has fielded a team that finished in the top ten of the overall UK Relay league standings in the previous year in either the Men's or Women's competitions. Alliance teams must be treated as competitive and will be eligible to win medals. Any clubs who wish to take advantage of this proposal must notify Events and Competitions Committee and be approved no later than 4 weeks before the event.

The Young Junior and Junior classes at the Sprint Relays can make up competitive teams of neighbouring clubs in a similar way to the elites. This is to help clubs where there are not enough juniors to form complete teams. Two geographically adjacent clubs can form teams in the junior and young junior classes providing that neither club gained a top five position in that class in 2021. The team will need to enter under the name of one of the clubs, but the team name should somehow include the initials of both clubs and the organiser must be informed by the time team declarations close

Relay Classes

Elite- Teams of 4 people (at least 2 females) running 4 legs with females running the first and last legs.  TD3.

Veteran (40+) - 3 legs, free running order, with teams consisting of 3 people, of which at least one must be female.  TD3.  Middle leg shorter.

Super Veteran (55+) - 3 legs, free running order, with teams consisting of 3 people, of which at least one must be female.  TD3.  Middle leg shorter.

Ultra Veteran (65+) - 3 legs, free running order, with teams consisting of 3 people, of which at least one must be female.  TD3.  Middle leg shorter.

Junior (16-) - 3 legs, free running order, with teams of 3 people, of which at least one must be female.  TD3.  Middle leg shorter.

Young Juniors (12-) - 3 legs, free running order, with teams consisting of 3 people, of which at least one must be female.  TD2.

Ad Hoc (Mixed age classes) - 3 legs, free running order, with teams consisting of 3 people, of which at least one must be female.  TD3. Middle leg shorter.  Not a championship class.  Non-competitive teams from combined clubs allowed.

Females are permitted to be competitive in male classes. Teams may include more than the stated number of female runners for their class or be all female.


Entries can be made here:

Enter Online

Entries will open on Monday 14 March and will close at midnight on Sunday 29 May.  There will be a price increase after midnight on Sunday 1 May.

Team declarations can be made after entries close.  This has changed from the original plan.  More details later.

SIAC hire will be available at the team declaration stage.  The fee will be £4.50 per SIAC and this will be payable in cash when bibs are collected on the day.  Standard SI cards can be hired for £1 in the same way.

Fees are according to the team class entered rather than according to the ages of any individuals running in the team.  A discount of £18 for the Elite class only is available to university teams where all team members are full time students at the same university, and to club teams where all team members are M/W20 or younger and are members of the same club.

Sprint Relays

Entries up to 1 May

Entries after 1 May

Elite class



All Veteran and Ad Hoc classes



Both Junior classes



Cancellations and changes

British Orienteering and Yorkshire and Humberside Orienteering Association reserve the right to cancel or curtail the event whether for operational reasons, Force Majeure, or other reasons, in which case YHOA reserves the right to retain all or part of the entry fees.  In the event of cancellation or curtailment, British Orienteering or YHOA will not make any payments for compensation of losses incurred by the entrant e.g. for accommodation and travel costs.

A team entry can be cancelled up to the closing date.  A refund will be given less the normal Fabian4 administrative fee.  No refunds will be possible after the closing date.  Amendments which do not affect the entry costs may be made without charge until the closing date.  Amendments after the closing date, except for team declarations, will not be possible.

Team declarations and changes to them can be made without charge until midnight on Sunday 5 June.  After this time changes can be made on the day if there are good reasons for needing them.

Beyond the above, the normal Fabian4 Competitor Terms and Conditions for entrants will apply.


As the event is on a university campus and all competitors will have to go through a building to get to the event, dogs cannot be allowed.

Safety and Risk

A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.


Competitors must adhere to whatever Covid regulations from British Orienteering or the Government are in place at the time of the event.  Currently there is a British Orienteering Code of Conduct in place which competitors must follow.  This includes not coming to the event if suffering from any Covid symptoms.

British Orienteering Annual General Meeting

This will be held in a room in the Carnegie School of Sport from 1700.


Organiser  Mike Cope (CLARO)

Assistant Organiser Mike Pedley (EPOC)

Planner  Ruth Ker (CLARO)

Assistant Planner Quentin Harding (CLARO)

Controller  Paul Taylor (CLOK)


Contact the organiser -