It is really important that you run with a dibber that is registered for the event.  If you have changed your dibber compared with the one you registered with, please let us know at the event centre.  Fill in a dibber change form, including details of the old dibber.  We will not be making a charge for doing this, as it is so important for the smooth running of the event.

Please note that the nearest postcode to the University West Gate entrance is LE11 3TL

Final details are now available by clicking this link:  Final Details

Uploaded on September 4th.

Updated on September 6th.

Unfortunately, there is insufficient space to accommodate club tents.  We have had an area scanned which we hoped would be suitable for club banners, but due to underground services, the available space is very small, so it will not be possible to erect club banners.  

Updated on September 9th

Confirmation of dogs policy

Updated on September 10th.

Changes to dibber hire information and details about SIAC.

Updated September 11th, version 8.

Hopefully, this will be the last version.  All change details are at the front of the document, and this version includes a course summary with details of course lengths.

Updated September 12th, version 9

Includes the weg address for the results from SIEntries:

Additional information will be added into new versions of the Final Details, or added on this page.

Details of the mapping can be found from this link:  Mapping File

New version uploaded on Sepember 10th.