Entries for Championship courses will go live on SIEntries on April 13th, with fees as follows:

  • Seniors £24, Juniors £11 (until midnight July 27th)
  • Seniors £27, Juniors £13 (until entries close, midnight August 27th)

SIAC hire for the Sprints and Middles Weekend is free for Juniors who do not already own one. If you would like to take advantage of this, please reserve your SIAC when entering.

Entry on the day will be available for a TD2 course, both morning and afternoon while maps are available. Entries close at 1pm.  Entry for a morning course must fit within the allocated start time block, which will be published at a later date.

  • Seniors £12, Juniors £5


The event is covered by the standard British Orienteering major events Cancellation Procedure and Policy and Cancellation, Curtailment and Refund Policy; details here.

Entries can only be cancelled by contacting the Entries Secretary – Ursula Williamson, LEI


Changes to Entry Details

You can amend your SI card number up to 28 August 2019; no other changes to entries will be possible via the on-line system after 28 August. If you need to register a change to your SI card after 28 August, please email the Entries Secretary as above.



The British Sprint Championships are open to members of the British Orienteering Federation and to members of IOF affiliated Federations. See Appendix C of british orienteering rules for further information on eligibility to be a British Champion.


Start times

Start times will be confirmed nearer to the time of he event when entry numbers are known. 



Seeding will only be used for the heats.

There will be seeding for all classes except for M/W 10/12.

M/W 14/16 will be seeded based on the 2019 Junior Seeding list.

M/W 18/20/40+ will be seeded, based on the British Orienteering ranking list. The best ranked 20 premier class competitors on a course, irrespective of class will be seeded.

Those on the M/W Open courses will be seeded according to IOF seeding rules.

Open Course start times will be based on IOF and British Orienteering rankings, with top competitors starting last, competitors will not be able to request a later start time.