Entries for the British Sprints Championships 2017 are now closed. Please see the late entries section below. The entry list can be viewed here.

Entries will close on 10 September 2017.

Entry will be on the basis of age class.  Classes available will be M/W 10 to M/W 85. For this competition, the entries in the M18, M20 and M21 classes will be combined into a single Men's Open class and likewise, W18/W20/W21 will be combined into Women's Open.  If you are in an older age class and intend to "run up", you may enter the Open class.

If you have already entered as an M/W18, M/W20 or M/W21, your class will be automatically changed to the Open class.  Any others needing to change their class are encouraged to do this prior to the closing date, using the Modify Entry function of  the SI Entries system. Please note that changes after the closing date may not be possible.

The provisional allocation of age classes to courses for the heats is shown in the table in the event details section.
Juniors under 18 will not be allowed to enter senior courses.  Shadowing of juniors is not permitted.

Late entries

The official closing date has now passed. However, we may be able to accept a very limited number of additional entries within the start blocks for some classes. If you wish to be put on the waiting list for late entries, enter in the normal way via the SI Entries system. You will be able to enter your details but no payment will be taken.

Note that if your entry is accepted after the 10th September closing date, the following fees will apply:

Senior (21 or over) £28
Junior (Under 21) or full time student £15

Entry requests can be added to the waiting list via the on-line entries system until 18th September. If your entry is accepted, you will be invited to confirm your entry and payment will be taken. If your entry cannot be accepted, no payment will be taken.

These notes apply specifically to the Sprints Championship. Please note that different restrictions may apply to the Middles championship. Similarly, the acceptance of late entries will be event specific – if you are able to obtain a late entry at the Middle Distance Championships this does not mean this will be possible in the Sprints, and vice versa.

Changes to entry details

You can make changes to your entry via the on-line SI entries system up until the closing date of 23:59 on 10th September.

After this deadline, you will be able to amend the SI card number associated with an entry, up to 27th September. No other changes to entries will be possible via the on-line system.

If you need to register a change to your SI card after this date you must go to the enquiries desk when you arrive at the event.

It is unlikely any other changes to entries can be accepted after the 10th September closing date. If you have good reason to request a change then contact the entries secretary, but please note that we are not obligated to accept any change requests and any that are accepted will be subject to a £2 charge per entrant affected.


The British Sprint Championships are open to members of the British Orienteering Federation and to members of IOF affiliated Federations.  See Competition Rule C: British Sprint Championships, for further information on eligibility to be a British Champion.

Start times

The Sprints comprises two events – a morning qualification race (the heats) followed by the Finals in the afternoon.
Start times for the heats are expected to be between 10:30 and 11:30.  Start times for the Finals will be from approximately 13:30 to 15:15.  In general, it will not be possible to accommodate individual start time preferences.  Those expecting to take more than twice the winning time for their course should request early starts.  Flexible starts will be allocated to helpers, and parents with young children needing Split starts.

Helpers should enter as normal but select a Helper start. 
Start times for the heats will be arranged after entries close.  Entrants into heats according to Competition Rule C.   Start time will be published on the SportIdent website at least a week before the event. 
Start times for the finals are determined on the day, according to the results of the heats.


There will be seeding for all classes except for M/W 10/12.
M/W 14/16 will be seeded based on the 2017 Junior Seeding list.
M/W 18/20/21 will be seeded in the usual way for elite competitors according to Rules of Orienteering.
M/W 35+ classes will be seeded and allocated to heats as described in Competition Rule C based on the British Orienteering ranking list.

Entry fees

Entry Fees By 14 Aug By 10 Sept Late entries
Seniors (M/W21+) £22 £25 £28
Juniors (M/W20-) £11 £13 £15
Senior helpers foregoing one run £11 £11  
Junior helpers foregoing one run £5 £5  
  • Senior full time students pay the Junior entry fees. Proof of status may be requested.
  • SIAC card hire is £2.30 or £1.50 for seniors or juniors.  SI card hire is £1 or 50p.
  • Any entrants unable to pay online should contact the Entries Secretary: entries2017@britishsprintchamps.org.uk
  • Competitors can edit their entry for such as class changes and preferences without charge up to 10 Sept.
  • Changes to age class entries requested after 10 Sept 2017 will be charged at £2 per change.  There can be no guarantee that changes will be possible though every effort will be made where there are good reasons for the change.
  • There is no guarantee that late entries will be possible after 10 Sept.  If they are available there will be an extra charge on the closing date fees.  Details will be published nearer the time if maps and start time slots are available.   There will be no entries on the day.

Start time requests will be gathered, including request for split starts for parents.  However, in general, it will not be possible to accommodate individual preferences for start times.   If you are likely to take longer than twice the winning time for your course, please indicate an early start preference.  This is so that we can avoid allocating a start time that might conflict with course closure times.

Vehicle information

When entering, please indicate the number and type of vehicle(s) you are bringing, the number of people estimated to be in those vehicles, and whether there are people in them who are aged 11 and under, or aged 75 and over (yes/no).  Please ensure that a vehicle and its passengers are only counted once for each event.  If travelling with someone else or using public transport, do not complete these sections.
See the section on travelling to the event in the event info section.


Orienteering is an adventure sport and competitors participate at their own risk.


The event is covered by the standard British Orienteering major events Cancellation Procedure and Policy and Cancellation, Curtailment and Refund Policy, except that the following terms will apply to cancellation by competitors:

  • Entries can only be cancelled by contacting the Entries Secretary: entries2017@britishsprintchamps.org.uk
  • Competitors cancelling their entry by midnight on 10 September 2017 will receive a refund of their entry fee and other monies paid less an administrative charge of 10% of the total.
  • Competitors cancelling their entry after midnight on 10 September 2017 will receive no refund.