The event arena is in the park Amphitheatre, adjacent to the parking plateau. On the plateau you will find:

  • Portable Toilets
  • Shelter Marquee, providing a space for changing and leaving clothing etc (not manned, items left at your own risk) 
  • O Traders:  Ultrasport, CompassPoint
  • Food and Refreshments provided by British and Continental Catering

In the amphitheatre you will find:

  • Event marquee, housing:
  • Enquires, Bib collection and hired e-card collection
  • Download
  • First Aid
  • Stage: Display of Start lists and results.

The stage will be used for medal presentations.

Club tents

There will be space available for Club tents and banners.


Dogs are allowed in Campbell Park.  However, dogs must be kept on leads in the assembly area, and in the competition terrain.
Dog owners are required to clean up after their dog.  There are no bins in the park for disposal of waste, and owners are responsible for its disposal elsewhere.
Competitors are not allowed to compete with a dog.  
Start times cannot be adjusted to allow for supervision of a dog.

Age Classes and Courses

Senior Heats
Classes Course Group
M Open   H1
M35, M40, M45   H2
M50 W Open H3
M55 W35, W40 H4
M60 W45, W50 H5
M65, M70 W55 H6
M75, M80, M85+ W60, W65, W70, W75, W80, W85+ M7
Junior Heats
Classes Course
M10 W10 H91
M12 W12 H92
M14 W14 M93
  W16 H94
M16   H95


Planners: Dorien James (SMOC) and Graham Louth (WAOC)
Organiser: Peter Woods (WAOC)
Controller: Colin Duckworth (TVOC)
Assistant Controller: Mike Edwards (RAFO)