Campbell Park consists of areas of open contoured parkland enclosed in particular on the north and south by areas of mixed vegetation with a path network incorporating man made features as well as lakes and streams.
Vegetation includes some runnable wood, but vegetation including scrub, flower beds and hedges will be out of bounds and mapped as such, either as olive (for flower beds) or as uncrossable dark green.
Springfield comprises blocks of housing with a network of paths and walkways interspersed with numerous open grassed areas with patches of runnable and non-runnable vegetation.


The map scale is 1:5000 and the contour interval is 2.5 m.  Competition maps will be printed on waterproof paper.  The maps were revised for this event during 2017 by Robert Dove (SMOC). 


This will be a mixed punching event: normal SI dibbers or SIACs can be used.   Controls will be enabled for contactless punching with SIACs.  SIACs will be available for hire for those who do not have one.


All courses MW18 upwards use a different area for the heats than for the finals.   There is one start and one finish for these heat courses, both less than 500m from the arena.  The route back to the arena from the finish involves a Pelican crossing.
The junior courses (MW10-MW16) use the same start and finish for the heats and finals races.  This same start and finish is also used by all finals courses.   The start and finish are close to the arena and the finish run in will be visible from the eastern edge of the plateau and the northern edge of the arena where there will be space for spectators.


The provisional allocation of age classes to courses for the heats is shown in the following table.  Courses have been planned so that the fastest times on each course will be in the range 12-15 minutes.   Course lengths shown are provisional, and grouping of classes onto courses is subject to revision depending on the pattern of entries.  The allocation of classes to courses is different for the finals but the same target winning times apply to the championship A final courses.

Female Classes Male Classes Course Length (km)
  MO 1 3.0
  M35/M40/M45 2 3.0
WO M50 3 2.6
W35/W40 M55 4 2.4
W45/W50 M60 5 2.3
W55 M65/M70 6 2.0
W60/W65/W70/W75/W80/W85/W90 M75/M80/M85/M90 7 1.6
  M16 8 2.7
W16   9 2.6
W14 M14 10 2.3
W12 M12 11 1.9
W10 M10 12 1.7